Marketing Strategy is Vital for Business

It is crucial to have a content marketing strategy for your business. Without content marketing, your business will not have an online presence will be decrease revenue for your company. You may ask, how would a business create a content marketing strategy? Well, its very easy, its called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To get the content strategy going, you will need a SEO checklist. The contents you’ve create should be aligned with your SEO campaign. The SEO campaigns are your social media posts, articles, and 3rd party contents that are linking back to your contents.

The optimization on your websites is important as well. Your page load speed play a very important role. If your website load more than 3 seconds to load, then your users will close out your website which will lead to bounce rate. You can improve your page load by optimizing your images, videos, and scripts in the back-end.

Mobile friendly on your website plays another big role. If your website is not mobile friendly, then your page rank will decrease. Google, Bing and other large search engine are enforcing mobile friendly websites.  You need a website designer such as Apelles Design which is located in New Jersey, to create a response website.

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