How to Improve Leads on Your Web Site

How to Improve Leads on Your Web Site

The whole purpose of directing people to your site is to produce leads.
Nonetheless, the user traffic is not generating leads if your web site is not presentable to the public.

Businesses need to convert web site visitors into customers. There are tons of resources in the world wide web. There are few factors as why your web site is not generating leads.

1. Micro landing pages! A micro landing pages will display when visitors takes an action that will trigger the web page. For example, if the visitor hover on the about button, the micro landing page will pop up and display a pop up with an discount offer or something that will make them call you or buy from your store.

2. No Toll Free phone number! When customers visit your website, it is important to show your phone number or email. The toll free number will provide some credibility to the business. More than 50% of visitors advised that they will not call the business because it is hard to find the contact information.

3. Not targeting local consumers! Do not ignore local traffic. More than 85% of customers will Google online, mostly through their mobile. That is why it is important to have a mobile friendly website. That is another topic which we can discuss later. Around 20% of the mobile searches for local businesses will make a purchase on the same business day.

4. Businesses need to provide useful contents!
Your website keywords will attract your site visitors when they search specific words on their browser. This is why it is important to have SEO on your web site.

5. Testimonials on your web site!
Testimonials on your site is important because visitors need assurance that your business practices are good enough for them. Since potential customers never done business with you, they need some verifications from your past customers.

6. Not having mobile friendly web site!
More than 80% of visitors are using their phone to search online. If your website is not mobile responsive, you will risk of losing potential customers.

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