Benefits of SSL Web Site

Benefits of SSL Web Site

When users visit your website, they need to know they’re secured and their information is not being compromised. How can you secure your website? It’s by having an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certicate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is encrypted data going through web browser and web servers. If your website is encrypted, hackers can retrieve the data when information is being passed through the website and web servers. To validate if a web site is encrypted, the URL on the address bar should read HTTPS://

Is SSL certificate expensive?

Average SSL can run for $200 per year. However, with Apelles Design, we know a solution to get FREE SSL (just look at our website).

Is SSL full proof from hackers?

To be quite honest, its not. Hackers will always try to exploit your website for vulnerabilities. That doesn’t mean SSL is useless. SSL is an extra layer of security that hackers need to bypass, thus will give the hackers extra hard time to break into your website.

What other benefits will SSL will do?

Google now requires all website to be SSL which correlates to HTTPS. If its not HTTPS, there will be a warning on the browser that lets viewers know that your website is not safe thus will make visitors leave your website. In addition, HTTPS website will increase your SEO ranking because Google loves safe websites.

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