5 top web design companies in NJ

5 Best Web Design Companies in NJ That Customize Websites

New Jersey is a great place to live because it is across from New York City and it is also next to Philadelphia. With 3 big states, there are tons of services and web design service is one of them. Every web design agency will say they custom design. The truth is, many web design companies do not have the experience to create custom websites. A lot of web developers would purchase built WordPress templates from websites such as ThemeForest (https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress), Template Monster (https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes.php), or Themify (https://themify.me/themes). Afterwards, the developer was transfer your contents to the template. They would then “customize” your brand colors, photos, logos and etc. This is not a customize website. 

It is vital to understand the works in a web design company. This is why it is crucial to hire the right web design company for the project. If you’re an experienced designer, you can tell whether the website is built from a template or it is custom coded. It will take an experienced digital marketing agency to help create and launch a customized website that will help you grow when your business is expanding. 

Below is 5 best web design companies located in NJ that I have researched and we can say it is legit web design companies. Please note I was not compensated by any means by listing these companies. 

1. Apelles Design (https://www.apellesdesign.com)

Contact Details: 770 Anderson Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010 // (201) 374-0757

To be in the starting line-up, Apelles Design was established in 2009 by Tommy La. With a strong understanding that web design will increase brand aware especially for small business owners. Tommy La started the company from the ground up into a decent web design company in New Jersey and a small office in New York City. Web design, web development, and digital marketing all goes hand-in-hand. As technology expanded so did Apelles Design. The web design company has increased it’s digital footprint and they have partnered with a decent amount of well respected small businesses.

2. Jersey Girls Creative ( https://jerseygirlscreative.com/ )

Contact Detail: (732) 688-5248

Jersey Girls Creative creates website, graphics and support digital media. They’re located in the heart of Jersey City. They’re a young talented up and coming web designers that creates elegant websites and produces beautiful graphic designs. Might I add that their website is fun and creative!

3. Viva Design Studio (https://vivadesignstudio.com/)

Contact Detail: (201) 410-6174

Another women owned creative agency located in New Jersey. Viva Design Studio catered their services to dancers. They create one-of-a-kind website to their clients. Although they do not offer search engine optimization, I can tell they will increase their performances in the near future.

4. Leo Agency (https://leo-agency.com/)

Contact Detail: (800) 605-9580

A high respected web design company in New Jersey. Leo Agency has clients all throughout the Tri-State area. They specialize in web development and digital marketing. They also have over 17 Google Reviews on their Google My Business. We all know how hard it is to get reviews on any platform.

Ryan the Developer (https://www.ryanthedeveloper.com/)

Contact Detail: (201) 250-2826

Ryan the Developer is a one man show but his work is astounding. His creative work and work-ethic is amazing and there is no denial that his potential is there. His work range from web design, web development and digital marketing. In 5 years, I can forecast his company will grow to atleast 10 employees.

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