Website Trends in 2018


2018 website trends are animation. Animation creates a story to life fast and effectively when users are on the homepage section. The animation creates complex messaging to easy to grasp for the audience. Animation can also boost the brand as innovation companies.

Much of the animation will be consist of logos and video introduction on the website homepage section. The animation brings more life to the website and engages the consumers.


Typography will play a big roll that will be included in the animation. Typography has always been playing a big role on websites and branding; however, we’re speaking about fonts with more visual and boldness. The size of the typography will increase, which speaks about boldness, and some large brands are only adding one typography instead of older tradition where it is two to three typographies.

Bold Colors:

2018 for websites will be fearless. Companies will utilize bold colors and typography. There are dozens of tools such as Khroma that are helping designers experiment that has been never developed in the past. Color, typography and animation will play a big roll in 2018.

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