Fort Lee New Jersey Website Design Service

Apelles Design located near Fort Lee, New Jersey, delivers simple, clean, elegant and custom websites. We focus on developing websites for entrepreneurs and businesses in Fort Lee, NJ. By providing an individual service in website design, SEO and internet hosting, you receive the best Internet services for your website. We provide customers in Fort Lee, […]

Create a Website for Your Law Firm

Potential clients are searching for your legal services online, so it’s a great idea to develop a legal professional website for your practice. Here are some techniques for getting started. Brainstorm your goals before you create an legal professional website. You should definitely include information about what kind of law you practice, your experience, and […]

Google Implements Core Algorithm Update?

Google revealed another expansive center calculation refresh this week. It was affirmed on Twitter that this calculation refresh was discharged on Monday, April sixteenth. You may review that Google discharged a comparative calculation refresh early a month ago. In no time a short time later it was clarified that an “expansive center” calculation refresh is […]

Increase Your Business Presence on Facebook

Best way to increase your business presence on Facebook. Below are 5 ways to increase user engagements. Request access to Facebook Graph Search. At the moment, it is very limited to a few folks. Check your Facebook page to ensure your page information, categories are correct. Create a content strategy to gain more followers. Engage […]


SMALL BUSINESSES NEED A WEBSITE! While larger companies do have a website, there are some entrepreneurs that completely do not have a website. Here are some vital insights that may alter your opinion! Having an online website for your business is important. By not having a business website, you give the feeling that you are […]

Marketing Strategy is Vital for Business

It is crucial to have a content marketing strategy for your business. Without content marketing, your business will not have an online presence will be decrease revenue for your company. You may ask, how would a business create a content marketing strategy? Well, its very easy, its called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To get the […]

Reasons to Backup Your Website

It is crucial to backup your website on a regular basis against hackers. You see high profile companies get hacked every month. Website hack has increased over 30% from 2017. It is very important a company back up their website contents and databases for a quick recovery. Below are 5 reasons to start your website […]

Website Trends in 2018

Animation: 2018 website trends are animation. Animation creates a story to life fast and effectively when users are on the homepage section. The animation creates complex messaging to easy to grasp for the audience. Animation can also boost the brand as innovation companies. Much of the animation will be consist of logos and video introduction […]